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Paris X 2

Produced and Directed by Jay Rosenblatt
26 minutes • 16mm • color • 1988

1st Prize, Onion City Film Festival, Chicago

This is a story about love and about love stories. It is about the static and the electricity; the pain of letting go and the attempt to re-capture. An American man is obsessed with a French woman who is obsessed by films. Paris X 2 is an experimental re-telling of a love affair through fragments and distortions of memory. Filmic images are transformed into electronic paintings. The narrative and myths of romantic love are deconstructed against a backdrop of Paris and Hollywood. It is also about the love of cinema being destroyed by video.


1st Prize - Onion City Film Festival
Director's Choice - Sinking Creek Film Festival
Jury Award - Palo Alto Film and Video Festival


York Theater, San Francisco, CA
San Francisco State Film Finals, San Francisco, CA.
Film Arts Festival, San Francisco, CA
Denver International Film Festival, Denver, CO
Santa Fe Film Expo, Santa Fe, NM
Collective for Living Cinema, New York, NY
Cork International Film Festival, Cork, Ireland
San Francisco Cinematheque, San Francisco, CA
Tampere Film Festival, Finland (part of major retrospective)
Acquired by the Videotheque de Paris for their collection


Written, Directed, Produced, Edited and Shot by Jay Rosenblatt
With: Hagit Farber, Martine Lateur, Kris Olson


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