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a pregnant moment

Produced and Directed by Jay Rosenblatt & Jennifer Frame
24 minutes • 16mm • color • 1999

Screened at Sundace Film Festival

A 'dog-u-mentary' about birth, loss and near death.  The film follows three adults and a dog named Lola through Lola's pregnancy, the birth of her puppies, and the loss of each puppy to their new owners.  Often funny and ultimately sad, the piece explores our love and attachments to dogs and our projections onto animals.



Best Editing Award - Ann Arbor Film Festival
Honorable Mention - Marin County Fair Film Festival


Sundance Film Festival
Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema
Athens International Film & Video Festival
Denver International Film Festival
Film Arts Festival, San Francisco
Fine Arts Cinema, Berkeley




Directed and Photographed by Jay Rosenblatt and Jennifer Frame
Produced by Jay Rosenblatt
Edited by Jay Rosenblatt & Caveh Zahedi
Cast: Jennifer Frame, Jay Rosenblatt, Harvey Schwartz & Jeffrey Benevedes
Funded by a Film Arts Foundation Grant


Inquire (Jay Rosenblatt)

Inquire (Canyon Cinema)  

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